1940 Gladiators – A Winning Tradition #2

It has been 70 years since the 1940 Italy Gladiators were undefeated and unscored on. Bill Bryant was a graduate of Italy High School and the Sports Editor for the Italy News Herald. The following is his second article of the season.

Italy Gladiators – a winning tradition


As a 1968 graduate of Italy High School, I am proud to tell anyone where I went to school. I love our tradition here. I also love football and have supported the Gladiators during good seasons and not so good seasons. I am not one that judges the success of a season by the win and loss record. I know some people do though. I love football and support my kids.

A Heroes’ Reunion


Danny Neil, a graduate of Avalon High School, had known Ronnie Compton, a graduate of Italy High School, all his life. Their parents were friends so the boys had grown up together and knew each other very well. After graduation from high school, however, the friends lost track of each other.

Italy’s Field of Dreams

Recently I saw an article on Neotrib about the IYAA honoring George Scott, Bob Tipping, Bob Burch and Bobby Itson “because they promoted youth sports and fitness, helping to bring our community closer together through victory and accomplishment.”

A postage stamp to save lives


I began participating in The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in 1998. There were several people in my family that had died of cancer. I also had several friends and family members that were fighting the disease. Little did I know when my participation began at that first Relay in Minnesota, that I would be diagnosed with lung cancer eight years later. From that time, Relay took on a whole new meaning for me.

A Story of Unwavering Faith and Survival

Image: Alysa Kirton

When Alysa Kirton’s mother passed away from cancer, she hoped then she would never be faced with the disease. But her hopes were dashed in 1994 when the doctor told her she had breast cancer. If that news was not bad enough, the doctor also told her that she would need a mastectomy.

Mixed Emotions

Something happened last week that has impacted my world with mixed emotions. For some reason, only known to God, my friend Beverly Hamilton, left this earth and went to be with Him. I have mixed emotions about her passing. I am sad yet happy.

Time to quit

Sometimes people work much longer than they should because of their age or health concerns. I know it must be hard to make that decision. I have done some soul searching the past few weeks and have had to make a very hard decision that I will share with everyone.


A special wish for one of my kids

Image: Ryan Ashcraft — Happy 16th Birthday, Ryan.

For the life of me I cannot understand why some young people become so special to me, but it just happens. Out of the blue, a kid will come along that just gets to me. Several years ago Rodney Shaw was that kid. We bonded from the first time we met — he ended up being like a son to me. Since he passed away in 1990, there is an empty spot in my heart.

Here we go again

Image: Election sign in question — These signs were also posted along Highway 34.

Yesterday morning as I left the Uptown Cafe in Italy, I noticed several signs nailed to posts along Highway 34 and adjoining streets. These signs encouraged the reader to vote “NO” on the school tax rollback.