Vehicle Fire on Highway I-35 South

Image: Nothing but Smoke — The car fire created lots of smoke.

Today around 4:30 PM the Milford Fire department was called out to a car fire on I-35 S Highway. Traffic was backed up for miles. Smoke was everywhere. Milford fire fighters were on the scene and had the fire under control.

It’s A Grand Old Flag

Image: New Addition to Cemetery — The flag is a great addition to the Italy Cemetery. It reminds us about those that lost their lives so we can live in freedom.

Have you been by the Italy Cemetery lately? If you have I am sure you have noticed the beautiful flag pole with the United States of America flag waving in the wind. The folks with the Italy Cemetery Association decided it was time for a flag.

Rekindling of Last Night’s Fire

Image: Rekindled Fire — Milford fire department putting out the hot spots.

Last night at 8:53 PM the Milford Fire Department was called out to a fire on the 500 block of Frank’s Road in Milford. An abandoned mobile home had caught on fire and burned. Italy and Milford fire fighters were out fighting the blazing flames until 1:30 AM.

Vendors needed for Milford’s 1st Annual Music Festival


The Milford Music Festival that will be held on August 22, 2009 has vendor spaces for rent. Spaces available are 10×10 for $25. Each vendor will receive two tickets to the music venue which includes legendary Texas singer songwriter Billy Joe Shaver along with ten other Texas Singer/Songwriters or Groups.

Brush Fire in Milford

Image: Firemen on the scene — Firemen from Italy and Milford Fire Departments respond quickly and put out the fire.

A brushfire broke out today at 901 Water Street in Milford around 12:15 PM. The Milford and Italy Fire Departments responded to the call and were busy putting out the fire.

Wild about watermelon!

Image: I’ll take this one…no…this one! — Rory Reeves tries to pick out the perfect watermelon with the assistance of Luciano Garza, the watermelon wizard.

We all love watermelon! That’s why I’m glad to inform everyone that the Garza family will have watermelons on sale again this season. Luciano Garza, with the help of his son Leo Garza, rolled into town Thursday with a trailer full of juicy watermelons that the pair transported in from San Manuel, Texas, Yum!

Small Fire on Clark Street

Image: Community Firemen — Chief Chambers was searching through some ashes looking for clues as to what caused the fire.

Around 5:30 Thursday afternoon the Italy, Forreston and Milford fire departments were all gathered on Clark Street in Italy putting out a small house fire.

Grass fire no match for area firefighters

Image: Italy’s Brush 1 fire engine respond to a grass fire — The grass fire was no match for Italy’s Brush 1 fire engine but this locked gate proved to be a formidable foe as the Italy Fire Department had yet to land a blow against the blaze.

Around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, a grass fire was reported between Avalon and Italy just off Lufkin Road. The Italy Fire Department answered the bell and leveled the blazing fast opponent in the first hour.

Suspects chased on foot outside Italy

Image: The Italy Police Department – Patch and Badge

After an hour long search on foot, three male suspects were taken into custody outside Italy near Campbell Road. off Hwy 35E. Thanks to ongoing organizational efforts between different rescue departments around the county, Italy citizens can relax and enjoy the rest of a beautiful day.

Where did that car go?

Image: Jackknifed Semi — Trying to avoid a car, the driver of this truck swerved and hit the concrete barrier.

Yesterday, January 30th, mid-morning, traffic was diverted off south bound I-35. A jackknifed semi was the cause of the backed up trail of cars and trucks.

Commissioners Recognize Doris Mitchell

Image: Ellis County District Courtroom — Front Row: Commissioner Dennis Robinson, Sandy Eubank, Amber Hudson, Doris Mitchell, Commissioner Heath Sims, Commissioner Ron Brown  Back Row: Commissioner Bill Dodson, County Judge Chad Adams

With several family members and friends present in the District Courtroom Monday night, the Ellis County Commissioners recognized Doris Mitchell and the Uptown Café with a resolution of honor.

Backup needed at Tiger Mart

Image: Arriving On Scene — When a call for backup went out, Italy and Milford Police Departments arrived quickly.

Outside the Stuckey’s Tiger Mart around 12:30 p.m. Friday in Italy, paramedics and 1st responders were called to assist a man who allegedly was suffering from an overdose of narcotics.

Local man found dead

On Monday, Dec 29, local Italy resident, Mike Ervin, 51, was found dead in his studio apartment at Monolithic Rentals on Studio Street.

Italy’s first annual Christmas festival: Parade

Image: Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas! — Santa and his lovely wife Mrs. Claus are front & center as they pass through downtown Italy, Texas during Italy’s first annual Christmas festival.

Saturday was the day in Italy. Locals lined the street as vendors sold their wares and a big parade marched through downtown and all around the city. There hasn’t been a parade or festival in many years but from the looks of things, this won’t be the last.

Italy’s first annual Christmas festival: Main Street Activities

Image: Italy Christmas Festival 2008

If you walked down the street down town Italy, Saturday morning, you would have seen this little town bustling with activities and fun. The street was filled with vendors selling their wares such as jewelry, crosses, home baked goodies, Christmas ornaments, and lots more. You could just feel the excitement of Christmas in the air.

Church will host benefit for local family

Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church will host a benefit for Edwin & Lyndsey Wallace on Sunday, Dec 14, 2008 at 4:00 pm. The church is located at 117 Harris Street in Italy. Everyone is invited to participate.

Uptown Cafe makes top forty in Texas Monthly

Image: Doris Mitchell — Doris Mitchell holding the coveted Texas Monthly declaring her restaurant to be one of the top forty cafes in Texas.

Uptown Cafe was rated as one of the top forty Texas cafes by the Texas Monthly magazine. The “secret restaurant shoppers” from Texas Monthly had visited over three hundred cafes in the state of Texas and selected our own Uptown Cafe.

Italy Fire Department Shows Up Quick

Image: Fire At Monolithic Property — The burn ban is off in Ellis County but there is a red flag warning in affect at this time.

Monolithic Constructors sometimes burns green waste. Their property is located outside of the city limits. Monday was no exception except the choice to burn that day was probably not a good idea.

Veterans Remembered and Honored

Image: The Stars and Stripes — Italy High School students, faculty and staff honored Veterans on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Pablo Jacinto was honored as well as other Veterans in Italy. The community assembled and took a few minutes to honor the ones who gave everything to help keep us free.

House lost in fire

Image: Front view

Saturday evening the Italy, Milford and Forreston fire departments were called out to a house fire at the corner of Harpold and Park St. in Italy, Texas.

Fundraiser for Donovan Lusk

Image: Uptown Cafe — This was the place to be Saturday night.

The hearts of the citizens of Italy are compassionate, loving and selfless. This was certainly proven on Saturday night, October 25 at the Donovan Lusk fundraiser. Uptown Italy was bustling with hungry folks enjoying a wonderful dinner at the Up Town Cafe. Then they were seen at Wayne Boze’s community center bidding on terrific items in the Silent Auction in order to raise money for Donovan and his family.

Kidnapping: Was it real or hoax?

Image: What happened to the Mascot — The Gladiator Mascot was dragged kicking and screaming from the sidelines.  They only left a ransom note.

Do you remember the game from your childhood when friends asked you a question and before your response, you had to choose between truth or dare? Or, sitting around the fire at night and telling ghost stories? Listening to eery noises or those things that go bump in the night. These are times to be watchful and to take care. You never know what is lurking around the corner and what is real…

Only the kitchen was burned by fire

Image: Fire damaged the kitchen — The kitchen fire did not damage the building, on Morgan Road. Construction materials used in the dome home make it fire resistant.

Thursday evening was quiet until the fire department and sheriff’s department was called to the domes on Morgan Road. Dome renter, Jimmy Watt, was coming home from work when he heard an alarm from inside his home. He opened the door to see things in the kitchen melted, cabinets burned and soot on everything from a fire that had extinguished itself. “I thought my radio alarm was beeping when I walked up to my door,” Watt said, “but it was the smoke alarm.”

State registration and why it matters

Last week we published several stories about Italy organizations losing their state charters. The Texas Secretary of State used terrible words like “dissolved” and “forfeited” which sounds like the end of the world. It’s not. It’s paperwork. But what does it mean? That’s what we wanted to find out.

Chamber Involuntarily Dissolved in August 2007

Image: Involuntary Dissolution letter — Letter from the Texas Secretary of State dissolving the Italy Chamber of Commerce incorporation.

Several interested citizens recently attended a meeting held in the Italy City Council chambers for those wanting to learn more about the Italy Chamber of Commerce. Susan Delephimne, chamber director, answered numerous questions regarding the local chamber. It was never disclosed any time during the meeting, however, that the chamber had been Involuntary Dissolved by the Texas Secretary of State.