Italy Mayoral Update: September 18, 2017


I could tell everyone about the streets that Ellis County precinct 3, are currently working on to help this City improve the streets.

I could talk about the new McDonald’s that is set to open in October, or the other businesses that we are working with to invest in our community.

I could also mention that we are changing garbage companies and we will be notifying everyone how and when the changes will take place.

Honestly, there is a lot more about City of Italy business that I could discuss.

However, I want to talk about the HEART of this community.

This past weekend was homecoming for the Italy Gladiators. A few Italy Alumni (I am sure I will miss someone, so I apologize in advance), Keith Davis, Dejuan Davis, and Edwin Wallace and I’m sure many others, had this idea of having a alumni softball tournament that would raise money for a family that since moving here, has always worked hard to help our kids in this community succeed. (Go Team Rana❤️)

The turnout for this tournament was astonishing. With this in mind, we should establish a committee to keep this tournament going. We will be working on this committee in conjunction with Italy ISD and other community members. If you are interested in being on this committee or have suggestions please let me know.

I can’t express how much I enjoyed seeing and visiting with all the alumni that participated in this tournament, from the 1960’s to 2000’s. (Congratulations to the class of 2000 champions.)

With all the division that is going on in our nation right now, it was refreshing to see our Gladiator alumni and community come together and enjoy the fellowship of each other.

Sure, there was a lot of trash talking and arguing among different classes, we are Italy Texas and we do not like losing.

Regardless of the political opinions, in the end it was about the community of Italy.

Thank you to all who participated, donated, volunteered or just showed up to be a fan.

Until next time.

May God bless Italy, Texas,
Jackie D Cate