Italy Mayoral Update: July 19, 2017

I hope everyone had a great time at the recent Italy Shop with a Hero softball game/fireworks show. This is an event that helps to create a atmosphere of unity amongst the community and together we can do more.

This program not only provides Christmas presents for local underprivileged children but also 2 scholarships for graduating IHS seniors.

I would like to personally thank everyone who contributes to this program, whether it be with your time, donations or support. Go check out their Facebook page if you would like to help support the kids of our community.

We are moving forward on demolition of the old First Christian Church located at 213 Popular Street. We had to have a asbestos survey before demolition can take place, this is required by State law. The report came back positive, so now we will have to have a asbestos removal company properly dispose of the asbestos. We are currently awaiting bids from several companies for the removal.

The County will begin chip seal work on several streets. We were hoping for this week or next but they are busy working hard on the roads in the county, so we will just have to have a little patience. In the meantime, our public works personnel will be putting out asphalt in potholes, but they will be focused on working on the edges of the streets.

If you know of any really bad potholes that need to be fixed, please call (972) 483-7329 or go by City Hall so we can make a work-order for that location.

We would like to thank John Droll and Troy Kowakski for stepping forward and asking to serve the remainder of a open council seat vacated by Paul Cockerham. The council voted to appoint Troy Kowakski, welcome back Troy.

Beginning July 31st the Italy City Hall will remain open thru the lunch time hour (12:00-1:00pm).

Also, if you are trying to pay a water bill at 413 Clark Street (Public Works Building) and no one is there, you can use the drop box at that location or go to City Hall to pay your water bill between the hours of 8-5pm M-F.

Until next time, may God bless Italy, Texas,
Jackie D. Cate