The GOLDEN FLUSH is back! Send fans a Golden Potty to support Italy Athletics


(Submitted photo)

The Golden Flush Fundraiser is sponsored by the Italy Gladiator Booster Club which kicks off Monday, July 24, and runs thru Saturday, August 4. The fundraiser will feature three “Golden Potties” which will rotate around Italy and Forreston in order to raise money for Gladiator Athletics.

If you receive a “Golden Flush,” there will be instructions on how to remove it, or “Flush It.” Toilet Insurance can be purchased in advance, this will ensure that a “Golden Potty” doesn’t show up in your yard! — Just call Heidi Crawford at 817-933-5056.


  • $15.00 — Flush Away
  • $20.00 — Flush A Friend
  • $25.00 — Toilet Insurance

The City of Italy and Italy Auto will be the first to be flushed Today!

We thank our Italy and Forreston supporters in advance!

Go Gladiators! Flush the Competition!!