Thank you Rickey Freeland


Just wanted to give the community a heads up about my dome neighbor, Rickey Freeland (pic attached). In the 3 months since he moved to Italy, Rickey has logged over 30 hours cleaning and maintaining Upchurch Field (after games), and he has logged over 50 hours cleaning up the “Secret Garden” dome community behind the laundromat. He has done this simply out of the kindness of his heart, asking for no recognition or compensation.

I’ve only been over to Upchurch once, to see his work (and was duly impressed — the walking track hasn’t been this free of weeds, debris and fire ants in a long time), but I have seen the improvements in the Secret Garden on a regular basis, having been a tenant up until just a couple of weeks ago.

The attached picture shows his latest project — weeding the yard. He has cleaned, pruned, planted (wildflowers and grass), etc.

Thank you Rickey Freeland, your deeds do not go unnoticed!