Letter from Italy Mayoral Candidate, J.D. “Jackie” Cate


To the Citizens of Italy,

People have asked me, what is the platform you are running on for Mayor. In the next three months I will lay out some ideas. I hope each Citizen will read it and give me feedback as to your opinions.

As stated in my announcement for candidate for Mayor, one of the first things is to create a 5, 10 and 20 year plan. The second is to change our form of government from a Type A general law city with a strong Mayor to a City Manager form of government.

Here is how we can accomplish this:

The City Manager plan may be adopted in any general law City. Under the provisions of Sections 25.001 of the local government code.

Upon the presentation of a petition of 20% of the voters voting in the last Mayoral election, the Mayor must call a election on the question of adopting The City Manager form of government.

The basic structure of the city manager plan is similar to that of a private business or corporation, in which the stockholders elect a board of directors which then hires a president to run the company. Under the city manager plan, the voters elect a city council which, in turn, hires a city manager to administer the city’s day-to-day affairs.

Under the city manager plan, the council serves as the legislative body. The council sets policy, it approves the budget and sets the tax rate, and it determines the size of the payroll and the extent and cost of municipal services. The council is the final authority on all of the many policy decisions that determine the scope and functions of the city government.

The mayor and councilmembers have no administrative duties under the city manager plan. These are vested to the city manager, who is responsible for directing the workforce and programs of the city in accordance with ordinances, rules, and regulations adopted by the council.

The typical city manager in Texas is appointed for an indefinite term and is subject to dismissal by the council at any time. He or she is designated as the chief executive and administrative officer of the city and is accountable to the council for the proper conduct of all municipal operations. The City manager has the unilateral authority to hire, discipline, and fire the department heads under the manager’s control.(subject to council approval)

Although the manager’s role varies from one city to another, the primary function is to implement the policies established by the council and ensure that the city is operated in an economical and responsible manner.

The Mayor and council would still have authority to approve the actions of the City Manager.

I have told you I was honest, so here is the truth. I do not have a lot of knowledge on how to run the day to day business of the City of Italy and any elected official that tells you that they do is not being truthful. However, I do feel confident that we can hire the right person that can run the day to day operations as City Manager. This would allow the Mayor to become an ambassador for the City. The Mayor could go out and tell people how great the City of Italy is and this is the place to move your family. That’s what I would love to do for this City.

I understand that some citizens might have questions about this idea, so here is my phone number 214-356-4440. Please leave a message if l can’t immediately take your call, I will call you back.

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