Perry endorsed by Sheriff’s Officer’s Association

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Officer’s Association recently endorsed Paul D. Perry for re-election as Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct 3.

To arrive at this decision, the association sent out ballots to the employees of the Sheriff’s Office, who filled out the ballots; these ballots were placed in a secured locked box. The President of the association, Joshua Atilano, opened locks to each box and counted ballots in front of board members and association members.

“You have shown to be a strong advocate for the employees of the Sheriff’s Office and our association members, and we believe you continue to be the right choice for Ellis County,” said Atilano in an endorsement letter to Perry. “You have the full support of this Association, and we hope the residents of Precinct No. 3 join us in our support for you. We deeply appreciate your service and dedication to local law enforcement. We look forward to working with you in the future.”