Lone Star Cyclists’ Club Gives $10,000 to Italy HS for Student Scholarships


This past Monday, November 16, 2015, at the regularly scheduled school board meeting, Mr. Joffre, the secondary campus principal, received a $10,000 check from the Lone Star Cyclist Club. Annually, the club sponsors a bicycle ride in Italy known as the Tour d’Italia. Each year several high school students volunteer to assist with the ride—both in preparation for the ride and during the ride itself.

The club bragged on the students from Italy High School saying they were very helpful in the tasks they were assigned. In return, this year, the cyclists presented a $10,000 check to support our students’ post secondary endeavors. Students may qualify for the Cyclists’ scholarships if they have volunteered time in a ride and if they are academically eligible within the parameters of the scholarship itself. They are also required to volunteer time in a future ride after they earn the scholarship.

Thank you, Lone Star Cyclists! We appreciate your support at IHS!