Barry Byers’ camera is gone…

Not too long ago the entire community banded together to help purchase a camera for Barry Byers. A BBQ dinner was served at the infamously famous Uptown Cafe and all monies raised at that dinner went to purchase a quality camera for Barry. A little over a week ago this camera was stolen from Barry’s truck.

Almost everyone in this town has benefitted from Barry’s images, articles and (comical at times) captions. Someone in Italy knows what happened. Someone in Italy knows who stole it.

As a community, I would hope that we could band together and get to the bottom of this. This camera wasn’t just stolen from Barry Byers, it was stolen from all of us!

If you have any information as to what happened please contact 972/483-7423 extension #505 and help us make this right. A $500 reward is being offered to the individual who’s information leads us to the camera.