Italy City Hall—moving in the right direction


Exciting News!

Since the election we as the governing body and the employees have been very busy. I want to update all of you on the progress being made by each department:

Public Works

  • Appointed new Public Works Director (Shawn Holden)
  • Maintenance on all vehicles up to date
  • Pot holes in progress of being filled in
  • Working on going back to chlorine vs chloramine
  • Waste water plant getting back to compliance
  • Working on plans for streets


  • New Website
  • New work-order system
  • Working on Brochure for the town
  • Italian Festival returning
  • Courts collecting a high amount on warrants

Police Department

  • Guns and Hoses Charity Softball Game
  • Working on National Night Out
  • Annual Firearms Qualification (All Officers)
  • School Board presentation for School Resource Officer

We are moving in the right direction!