Issac Garcia, Published Brigade

Image: Isaac Garcia holding the May/June issue of Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine where his article is published

Isaac Garcia holding the May/June issue of Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine where his article is published

About a year ago, Isaac Garcia, an 8th grade student from Italy ISD, became involved in the Texas Brigades, a state-wide group that promotes wildlife conservation and leadership skills.

Isaac attended the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade camp in June of 2014 where he was voted Top Cadet by his peers because he stood out as a leader within the group. Since he won this honor, he was invited to a hunt by Craig Nyhus of Lone Star Outdoor News, who was a guest speaker at the camp, teaching cadets about article writing.

Isaac, his brother Eli, and his dad all accompanied Mr. Nyhus on a hunt in early December 2014. Isaac didn’t score big on that hunt but was invited to another later that month; he brought home quite a trophy with the eight-point buck he shot while accompanying Nyhus on the second hunt.

Because he completed Brigade requirements, Isaac went on another hunt where he got a ‘grand slam’ for killing a male and female pair of pheasants and quail. During this experience, one of the Brigade instructors gave the cadets a writing assignment—they were to write about the hunt. They had one week to complete the assignment, but Isaac completed it in a few days. After receiving the article and finding it exceptional, the instructor shared it with Texas Trophy Hunters Association who sought permission to publish it in their bi-monthly magazine. It is featured in the May/June 2015 issue and is also reprinted here with permission from Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine.

Isaac never would have dreamed he’d be a published writer in the 8th grade. This experience has created a thirst for him to see his name in print again. He looks forward to future hunts and writing opportunities.

Isaac hoped to earn the privilege of returning as an assistant leader for the Brigades this summer after submitting a book of accomplishments showcasing his continued efforts in wildlife conservation. He got his awaited email just last Friday that he has been selected as an assistant leader of the 23rd Battalion of the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade. He was also accepted to attend the Bass Brigade as a cadet. Additionally, Isaac hopes to receive an academic scholarship that the Brigades offer to a handful of students annually. He hopes to be able to apply this money to his dream university—Texas A & M—where he plans to represent the Aggies in the same spirit which he represents the Brigades.

Congratulations, Isaac. Italy is very proud of you!

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