Italy High School Uruguay Trip Information

Image: IHS Spring Break trip 2016

IHS Spring Break trip 2016

How much does it cost?

Though the final cost has yet to be determined (airfare is not available and school calendar has not been approved due to state testing dates that have not been released by Austin), plan on around $2,000 for the total cost.

Will there be fundraising?

During the information meeting Mr. Guidry shared one fundraiser he’s used in the past that has been very effective. For details, email either Mr. Guidry or Mrs. Joffre. Depending on student initiative, fundraisers may be scheduled as needed. Only students who participate in the fundraising events will benefit from them.

How much is the deposit and when is it due?

The trip deposit is $300. The deadline to turn in the deposit is May 29th, 2015.

When does the trip have to be paid in full?

Final payment is due 30 days before the final departure date.

What are my options if I have to cancel?

If you have paid for the trip and must cancel, you can receive a refund minus the deposit 45 days before departure. Keep in mind that the school does not keep the $300. That money pays for a seat in the classes, sleeping accommodations while there, and holds a seat on the airplane.

I was not able to attend the meeting but am interested in allowing my child to go. Where can I get additional information about the trip to Uruguay?

Your child may pick up information from Mr. Guidry or in the library. Any questions can be directed to Mr. Guidry or to Mrs. Joffre. Their emails are as follows: