Many hats nothing new to Gladiators


It’s not uncommon to hear about students in well-populated high schools and how they are able to focus on and excel at one extra-curricular activity or another, due to the large pool of students from which those activities may recruit participants. It’s often assumed, on the other hand, that students in smaller schools are not as outstanding, due to the division of their time between various activities such as art, athletics, band, FCCLA, FFA, and so forth.

Here in Italy, multi-activity participation is certainly nothing new, either for the student (who has to budget his/her time between academics, extra-curricular activities, and sometimes even a job) or the parent (who has to shuttle his/her kids back and forth to multiple competitions, games, meets, practices and performances). However, it should be noted that as of late, the Gladiators are doing an outstanding job of not only wearing the many hats, but also wearing them in a rather exceptional manner.

Just within the past couple of weeks, the following feats have been accomplished, oftentimes by the same student participants:

  • Art students have explored new mediums of expression, including printmaking (yes, as in t-shirts!) and grafting linoleum onto other surfaces
  • Lady Gladiators basketball team advanced to area playoffs (and still playing . . . )
  • Gladiator Regiment Band extended its streak of perfect ratings by earning a sweep (all 1’s) at the Connelly HS Concert and Sight-Reading Contest
  • Nine of eleven FCCLA students qualified for the upcoming state-level competition
  • Thirty-two FFA students are participating in several stock shows and ag competitions; many of them have already earned honors

It has been said that good things may come in small packages. Let it be known that outstanding things may be accomplished by small school students, especially if those students happen to be Gladiators!