Cassie Joffre, Italy JH & HS Librarian


Cassie Joffre

Degree(s) received by University
Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Family Information
Cassie Joffre resides in Italy, Texas, with her husband, Lee Joffre and two sons, Levi, who is seven, and Rowan, who is five. She is a member of Central Baptist Church where she co-teaches 4th, 5th, & 6th grade Sunday School.

Responsibilities at Italy High School

  • District Librarian
  • Textbook Coordinator K-12
  • Lead 2015 Class Sponsor
  • Proctor for British Literature I & II Dual Credit English Courses
  • Proctor for English Composition I and II Dual Credit English Courses
  • PLATO Administrator – Responsible for Credit Recovery Students
  • Italy HS Neotribune Contributor
  • Assistant Prom Coordinator

Student Praise
The students at Italy High School are truly remarkable; I have witnessed strength of character, tenacity, integrity, and so many other positive qualities. This is a campus where students make educators glad to come to work; it’s a campus where educators invest in their students because they care for them, they want the best for them, and they want to prepare them for success outside of the campus walls.