Steven Berry, Italy JH & HS History


Steven Berry

Degree(s) received by University
Bachelor of Arts in History from The University of Oklahoma

Family Information
Mr. Berry resides in Dallas, Texas, with his lazy gray cat, Molniya (Russian for ʺlightningʺ), and his dachsund, Laika (Russian for ʺLittle Barkerʺ). He has remained single and childless his whole life, preferring instead to roam the world and see its treasures.

Responsibilities at Italy High School

  • 8th Grade US History to 1877
  • 8th Grade STAAR tutorial
  • 10th Grade World History
  • 11th Grade US History from 1877

Student Praise
My students at Italy High School never fail to put a smile on my face. They are easily some of the best students I have had the privilege of teaching.