The Baptist Won!

Image: Chase Hyles gets a base hit while Brett Kirton defends 1st base.

Chase Hyles gets a base hit while Brett Kirton defends 1st base. (Karen Mathiowetz)

Everyone knew the outcome of the game before it started. They knew the Baptist would win because they were the only ones playing. On Sunday evening, the members of First Baptist Church and Central Baptist Church met at the Johnny Jones Field to fellowship with each other and play a little softball. Members of all ages took the field to challenge each other on the field.

“We have to remember that there won’t be even two different churches in heaven. First, Central, Union, Mt. Gilead, Mt. Zion, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic, Pentecostal,” said Central Pastor Joseph Barrett. “In the kingdom of God we will all be known simply as God’s children. Spending time with each other enjoying each other’s company is a step toward living and worshiping now like we will then.”

Everyone enjoyed hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. The game was played all in fun so there were no losers, only winners. Gathering together to laugh and fellowship made the evening a big success. Several of the players experienced sore muscles and aches and pains on Monday, but they plan to play again if given the chance.