EDC considers new waterline loop project

The Italy Economic Development Corporation held their regular meeting Monday night in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building. After a lengthy discussion and a presentation by Public Works Superintendent, Dean Carrell, the members voted to spend up to $300,000 on a waterline to loop the water system for businesses on Dale Evans Drive (Hwy 34). They also voted to use KSA Engineering (the City’s Engineering Firm) for the project. Before the project can begin, they will need City Council approval.

“We need a new fire loop for water,” Carrell told the members. “The loop would give us water for fire protection from two different directions. We must be able to provide fire protection to any business that comes in.”

One proposal was for $72,000 and the other was for $246,000. The larger proposal would provide water for fire protection from both sides of Hwy. 34.

“If Loves and Walmart do open businesses in Italy, we would need to provide fire protection to them and this loop would do that,” Carrell said. “With the new waterline loop, not only would we be ready for what is on the south side of Hwy 34, we would be prepared for whatever comes on the north side also.”

In other business, the members voted to increase the 3 year Grant Match from $30,000 to $50,000. They also approved putting weed preventing mesh and crushed granite around the park benches at Upchurch Field not to exceed $500. Charles Hyles stated he would perform all the labor at no cost.

Board member, Jackie D. Cate said that the city is getting ready to grow. “Ten years ago, when I was on the council, I made a mistake by not looking into the future to see that Italy would grow like it has. I won’t make that mistake again. I want the EDC to do whatever necessary to ensure growth for our city.”

“I am also for growing the City,” said Elmerine Bell. “I am asking everyone to support using the Fire Station for a city museum in the future.”

President Charles Hyles said he thought good things were happening in the city. He said that the more we grow, the better it will be. He thanked the members for their time and support.