IHS senior gives back

Image: Announcement board (front) painted by Corl McCarthy.

Announcement board (front) painted by Corl McCarthy.

Recently, Corl McCarthy, an IHS senior gave her time and artistic talent to paint Stafford Elementary Library’s new announcement board. Corl remembers being a Stafford Tiger and enjoying her trips to the library. As an upper elementary student, she even assisted Mrs. Burkhalter with shelving and other occasional jobs. When asked to paint a fun border for the announcement board, she agreed to the task.

Many secondary students remember going to Stafford’s library. They remember the stories Mrs. Burkhalter read to them. They remember the book fair, the accelerated reading program, the reading incentives—whether it was getting an ice cream from Braums , a pizza from Pizza Hut, or even a free pass for a day at Six Flags. These memories will last a lifetime, so adding a fun announcement board will be one more thing to remember for Stafford’s students.

Thank you, Corl, for your time and talent! I’m sure many present and future Tigers will appreciate it!