New program for elderly and disabled Italy residents


The Italy Police Department Announces a New Are You OK? Program for Elderly and Disabled Residents

Beginning May 5th, 2014, the Italy Police Department will be accepting applications from Elderly or Disabled residents or their family members for a new program designed to help save lives.

The program, called Are You Ok?, will help save the lives of many elderly shut-ins or disabled residents by simply calling them daily and asking them if they are ok. The calls will be made through the Italy Police Department and if a resident does not answer, the first step would be to contact an emergency contact from their application and if there is still no answer, a police officer will be dispatched to the residence to check on them.

The Italy Police Department is committed to doing everything that is possible to protect the lives and wellbeing of every member of the community and this program should help with those efforts.

If you or a family member you know would like to participate in this program, please contact the program manager, Sue Lauhoff of the Italy Police Department, at (972) 483-6177 ext. 200 or email her at Applications and program information can be obtained at the Police Department located at 101 W. Main St., Italy. Participants must live within the City of Italy. There is no deadline for this program; applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Comment by Steven Farmer (5/5/2014, 12:45pm)

I think this is a great program being put in place. I appreciate the Police Department for taking the initiative to make sure the elderly and disabled community members welfare is a priority.
To all of the Police Officers! Thank you for what you do!