Phoebe visits Trinity Mission

Image: Trinity Mission resident is loving Phoebe the dog of comfort.

Trinity Mission resident is loving Phoebe the dog of comfort. (Cindy Sutherland)

Recently at Trinity Mission, residents could be seen petting and loving a beautiful dog by the name of Phoebe. Even visitors coming to visit loved ones couldn’t resist stopping and petting this beautiful and loving dog.

Teresa Schardt (Phoebe’s handler) with her two assistants Judy and Chuck Wendt walked Phoebe around Trinity Mission meeting and greeting each resident. There were many smiles on the resident’s faces as they greeted and petted Phoebe.

Phoebe is a K9 comfort dog from St. Paul Lutheran. She is a pure bred Golden Retriever who was specifically chosen because of her gentle and loving behavior. K9 comfort dogs have passed the AKC Good Citizenship Test and are AKC certified. These dogs have handlers that receive advanced and ongoing training to work with the dog’s social, gentle and loving nature.

Phoebe is one and a half years old. She has two sisters who are also comfort dogs. Her favorite toy is a Kong filled with peanut butter, apples or carrots and she loves to be petted around her ears and in the front of her chest.

K9 comfort dogs do exactly what their name indicates and that is to give comfort to those in need. They respond in emergencies to provide care for people experiencing loss, they visit hospitals, nursing homes and they also do home visits with terminally ill children and autistic children.

If you are interested in Phoebe visiting contact LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministries at 817-332-2281 or email at: They do not charge any fees for Phoebe visiting or participating in any event. If you would like to support their Comfort Dog please donate at:

Another great day celebrating life at Trinity Mission!