IHS Junior class sponsoring contest to win two tickets to The 2014 Prom


Yes, 2014 Prom! Can you believe that the IHS class of 2014 will have its final prom in less than three months?!

This year, the Junior class is putting a bit of a twist on the way students will want to ask their date to the prom. The contest is called “The Best Way To Ask Your Date To The Prom Contest.” It will work like this…

only $5 to enter!

The winner will receive a refund for his or her two previously purchased tickets to prom!

To qualify:

  • Must be a junior or senior (date doesn’t have to be)
  • Must purchase two prom tickets from Mrs. Joffre in the IHS Library
  • Pay $5 entry fee to Mrs. Joffre in the IHS Library

To Do:

  • Give Mrs. Joffre the email address from which the entry will come (Entries received from emails not on the list will be deleted)
  • Entry must be a video or picture of you asking your date to prom — sent to: IHS2015Prom@yahoo.com
  • Entry must be school appropriate
  • Entries are due by Saturday, April 19th at midnight

One winner will be refunded for the cost of 2 prom tickets!

The winning entry will be posted on the Italy Neotribune.