Trinity Mission’s Tree of Memories Service

Image: Greg Adams remembering his father Clayton Adams as he puts his angel on the tree of memories.

Greg Adams remembering his father Clayton Adams as he puts his angel on the tree of memories. (Cindy Sutherland)

The Tree of Memories at Trinity Mission was held last Thursday evening to honor and recognize the residents that passed away this year. Family members of loved ones that passed away this year were invited to come and share memories about their loved ones and put an angel on the ‘Tree of Memories’ in their name.

Chris Baker (marketing director) started the program out by saying, “We are here tonight to honor and recognize our friends that passed this year. To let everyone know that they touched all of our lives and have not been forgotten. We know this first Christmas without them will be hard because we will really miss them.”

Greg and Angie Adams were the first to put an angel on the tree for Clayton Adams (Greg’s father). Greg said, “Every Christmas at 8:00 am my Dad would come to our home to open gifts. He enjoyed every Christmas. He was a very social person and an avid golfer. He is missed.”

Angeline David was recognized by her son and he said, “For the last three and a half years my Mom was very ill. But Christmas last year at our house she laughed and laughed and had lots of fun for her last Christmas.”

Ethel Herrin was recognized by her granddaughter and she tearfully said, “I miss her so much. She just loved life.”

David Garey was recognized by his wife Lillian. She said, “David passed away two days before our 60th wedding anniversary. He loved Christmas because of all the goodies. He loved candy. He is missed very much.”

Marie Wood (administrator) said, “As we tell our memories we will remember how God has blessed us so much with such beautiful people. We want to stop and remember them because of the special ways they touched our lives.”

Another celebration of life at Trinity Mission.