IHS Science Fair


On Thursday December 12, junior and senior physics and anatomy students at IHS presented their science projects – first to the judges, and then to the public. Each project remained anonymous as the judges (Erica Miller, Marilyn Seidlitz, and Maggie Westrick) carefully studied each one. The students had imaginatively displayed their experiments, with colorful posters, props/materials, and research explaining their hypotheses and conclusions.

The awards reflected a spectrum of their creative efforts, including titles such as “Insanium Cranium,” “The Most Useful Information,” “The Most Surprising Results,” and several others. The top three awards went to students who earned overall recognition for their projects.

Third place was awarded to Emily Stiles for her project “Too Hot to Touch.” Emily’s project explored the effects of heat on capturing fingerprints. Second place went to Cody Medrano, who creatively explored the effects of soda on teeth by employing deer choppers to show the results in his project entitled “Drinkable Destructions.” First place was awarded to Zain Byers who analyzed the growth of spinach in different types of soil.

Zain’s project was well-developed, organized, and evidenced much planning and consideration for detail. There is no doubt that his carefully planned efforts helped with his first place achievement.

There were certificates awarded as well:

  • Mad Scientist Award: Taylor Perry
  • How did you come up with that? Award: Emily Stiles
  • Insaneum Cranium Award: Tia Russell
  • Most Useful Information Award: Kelsey Nelson
  • Slow and Steady Award: Zain Byers
  • Happy Homemaker Award: Jaclynn Lewis
  • Most Surprising Results Award: Javier Enriquez
  • Biggest Eww Factor Award: Bernice Hailey

The science fair was a great opportunity for students to showcase their interests and creativity, and for the community to witness the academic achievements of Italy’s students.