Italy Cleaners and Gifts has sold

Image: Ina Spradling always greeted her customers with a smile.

Ina Spradling always greeted her customers with a smile. (Karen Mathiowetz)

The Spradling family has owned and operated the Italy Cleaners and Gifts on Main Street since 1999. Recently they decided to sell their business.

“We are getting older and would love to have time to travel,” Ina said. “We are excited about the next chapter in their lives.”

They have mixed emotions about the sale. On one hand, they are happy the business has sold and on the other hand, they will miss seeing their customers.

“We love everything about our community and the people here,” said Spradling. "Our customers are more like extended family than customers. Our girls grew up here with our extended family. All is good here in Italy, it is like having our own little Mayberry.”

Steve has a lawn care business, so Ina will be working with him. They own a greenhouse and will continue to grow plants to sell. They may open it to the public at a later date. For more information on purchasing plants or the law care service, give them a call at 972-345-2917.

The Spradlings are very appreciative of their customers. They knew that people wanted them to succeed and they believe they have. Ina said she always tried to listen to her customers and wanted their input. She added several lines of gifts at customer request.

December 16, 2013 is the Spradlings last day at the business. The new owner takes over on the 17th. The Italy community is very fortunate that there will be no interruption of service.

“I want to extend an invitation to all our customers to come by and shop or just stop in to visit,” Ina said. “I would like to thank them in person for supporting us all these years.”