Ricky Sipes for Judge of County Court at Law 2

Image: You can learn more about Ricky Sipes by visiting his website at www.rickysipes.com

You can learn more about Ricky Sipes by visiting his website at www.rickysipes.com

Assistant Ellis County & District Attorney Ricky Sipes has announced his intention to seek election for Judge of County Court at Law 2 in the March 4th Republican GOP primary election.

Sipes has been a prosecutor in Ellis County for eight years and has prosecuted felony cases for the past five years. He has immeasurable experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system as a detention officer, police officer, narcotics detective, DEA task force officer, private practice attorney and prosecutor. “My background and experience will bring a fresh perspective to a court that has had the same judge since the Court’s first election in 2002. This is the only Ellis County court that presides solely over criminal cases, including all misdemeanor and juvenile offenses. My 19 years of law enforcement will bring a point of view that has experienced the entire criminal justice process from investigation, arrest, prosecution, plea negotiations, and trial,” said Sipes.

“With the advances in technology, the taxpayers deserve a Judge that will seek improvements to reduce Court expenses. Courts and magistrates around the state utilize technology to perform their duties such as reviewing search warrants and fulfilling legal obligations to inmates in our jails. Something as simple as video communication could provide more protection to the citizens of Ellis County by utilizing manpower where it is better served. State reports indicate that Ellis County taxpayers spend more annually in juvenile case expenditures and misdemeanor case expenditures than comparable counties such as Johnson, Kaufman and Smith Counties,” Sipes said. “I will work to reduce those costs with improved time management and by eliminating unnecessary hearings that don’t benefit victims or the accused.”

Sipes will bring hard work and dedication to the Court. “My father worked for the Dallas Fire Department for 46 years. For many of those years he also worked as a master electrician in order to provide for our family and send us to a private Christian school. In addition to raising four kids, my mother worked at Cedar Valley College for over 20 years. My parents were my role models for hard work and Christian principles. Those are the qualities my wife, Stacie, and I are passing on to our daughter," he said.

Sipes worked his way through college, obtaining a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He spent a decade working at the Grand Prairie Police Department. While working full-time as a police officer, Sipes attended law school at night and graduated Cum Laude. After passing the bar, he worked as an associate attorney handling criminal and civil case before joining the Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office.

“Since joining the office, I have prosecuted cases in Justice of the Peace Courts, in County Court at Law 2, and the 40th District Court. I have provided formal legal training for our police officers and have assisted with DWI no-refusal operations," he said. “I will continue to be tough on criminals. The citizens of Ellis County deserve a judge who has witnessed the results of a fatal DWI crash, who knows the effect drugs and alcohol have on families, and who has observed the fear felt by victims of domestic violence. I have called judges at 3 a.m. to get a search warrant when I was a police officer, so I understand the frustration of law enforcement when no magistrate can be reached. Our citizens deserve a judge who will give victims, witnesses, attorneys, police officers, and the accused the respect and justice they deserve.”

“I have a proven dedication to public service. I am seeking this office to build on my commitment to my community. I have enjoyed every aspect of my career in law enforcement and still get excited walking into the courtroom. I learned early in my police work to listen to all sides, to evaluate the evidence, and take control of the scene. I will be a judge that is fair and impartial. I will apply the law to the issues, and I will not legislate from the bench,” said Sipes.

You can learn more about Ricky Sipes by visiting his website at www.rickysipes.com