Milford Titus Women’s Club honors first responders

Image: Jeannie Richardson presents Mayor Perryman with his plaque.

Jeannie Richardson presents Mayor Perryman with his plaque. (Cindy Sutherland)

Titus Women’s Club of Milford members are so very grateful for the great job the first responders did in helping the community when the Chevron pipeline exploded in Milford. So, they decided to show their appreciation by handing out plaques to Bruce Perryman (Mayor of Milford), Mark Jackson (Fire Chief of Milford) and Chief of Police Carlos Phoenix at this month’s City Council Meeting.

Jeannie Richardson (President of the Titus Women) said, “We want to recognize our first responders for the outstanding job they did during the Chevron gas line explosion. The plaques are to commemorate the dedication to the citizens of Milford during this event.”

Mayor Perryman came from Waco when he was informed of the explosion. He even slept in his car one night with his dog to stay close to help the people where he could. Sandra Brown (City of Milford administrator) said, “The Mayor talked with Chevron about helping compensate the people and he helped to keep everybody informed about what was going on.”

Fire Chief Jackson was very instrumental in helping to fight the fire. Brown said, “He jumped right in to help however he could and put in long hours.”

Police Chief Phoenix also was instrumental in helping people evacuate the city and help where he could. He said, “We had about three hours of sleep for the first thirty-six hours. The police department and the fire department did a great job helping the citizens. They worked relentlessly non stop. And we are grateful for the Mayor, he did a good job.”

“Our first responders jumped right in, did a great job and showed what they are made of,” Jeannie Richardson explained proudly.