Italy EDC accepts Stiles’ resignation

Image: 42 lot proposed subdivision

42 lot proposed subdivision

The Italy Economic Development Corporation accepted the resignation of Mark Stiles, president, at its regular meeting held Monday evening.

In his letter of resignation, Stiles said he cannot devote the time and energy to the EDC that he once did.

Stiles said, “I have enjoyed the challenges of getting the EDC back up and operating. I am also proud of the accomplishments over the past few years. The community center, downtown pavilion and the walking trail at the city park will be enjoyed for many years to come. I am sure there will be many more successful projects started and completed by the EDC. It has been a pleasure to serve with the other members and working with you and the city administration.”

Continuing, he said, “I sincerely hope that the EDC, city and residents of Italy can work together to continue to improve the area. The commission, city and area residents have my best wishes going forward.”

Tom Little made the motion to accept Stiles’ resignation with a second from Charles Hyles. The motion passed unanimously.

Josh Trees addressed the EDC about financing the extension of sewer and water lines to Carter Road where he is planning to develop a 42 lot subdivision.

Trees said the 31-acres is currently out of the city limits but said he felt the lots would sell better if the subdivision was in the city limits. He said if he got the city’s support, he would request the subdivision be annexed into the city limits. He said the minimum house size would be 1,400 square feet.

Currently, water runs to the Seville Recycling Center on SH 77. The sewer line would connect at Dallas Street. He asked that both be extended to the corner at Carter Road and SH 77. He said an eight inch sewer line would be needed with a minimum six inch water line.

There was discussion as to who would provide water and Dean Carrell, public works director, said South Ellis County Water services that area.

Trees said this is early in the planning stages but he wanted to see if he had the city’s backing for this subdivision.

Hyles said, as a business owner, that he would love to see more people move to Italy, causing both the schools and churches to grow.

In other business, Hyles updated the EDC regarding the walking trail project.

He said people are already using the trail. He noted there is about $9,700 remaining for the project. He said there were several little projects to complete before a ribbon cutting is scheduled.

Hyles said he would love to add park benches at various points along the trail. He said there was quite a bit of steel left over that has been donated. He said he would love to build a 20×20 pavilion with picnic tables. He said one corner is barren and he would like to see a sand volleyball court and said he is working to get sand donated for this project. He said Jason Escamilla is checking on lighting costs comparing street lights to area lighting. He said he would also like to get trees donated.

Karen Mathiowetz, resident, thanked Hyles and the EDC for the walking trail noting that they outdid themselves with the walking trail. She also suggested adding a friendship garden with residents donating and planting bulbs and various plants.

In other business, Teri Murdock, city secretary/administrator, said sales tax is up 10.53% for the month of October and was up 7.45% in September. She said October sales tax was $6,216.29.

She reported the financial balances after expenses and income for October — $3,140, operating account; $117,675, money market; $2,157, bond; $12,526, debt service; and $37,109, escrow.

The EDC also approved a resolution (#13-1028-1) approving the annual administrative service agreement with the city of Italy.

Elmerine Bell, vice president and leader of the meeting, said she would like to see Murdock’s name added to the agreement. She said, “I want the city administrator as our representative.” The group eventually decided to approve the resolution as presented with the motion from Hyles with a second from Darrell Rosemond.

The group decided to meet again on Monday, Nov. 25, and then forgo a December meeting.

Prior to adjournment, Little and Bell thanked Hyles for his hard work with the pavilion and the walking trail.