Milford’s Mayor Bruce Perryman feels at home in Milford

Image: Bruce Perryman has now been Milford’s Mayor for almost a year and a half.

Bruce Perryman has now been Milford’s Mayor for almost a year and a half. (Cindy Sutherland)

Although Mayor Bruce Perryman has only lived in Milford for five years, he has fallen in love with the town and the town’s people. He has aspirations of helping the town to grow but to continue to keep it the friendly, folksy place that everyone loves.

Perryman served two years on Milford City Council and when elections came up he decided to run for mayor. He thought he was in a position to be able to help Milford. He said, “I wanted to give back to the community. But also being an attorney for 24 years I knew I could help with ordinances in local government, and being a problem solver by trade, I thought that I could be of service.”

When asked what his vision was for Milford, Mayor Perryman replied, “I want to first revitalize the downtown area with retail businesses and have full occupancy of all the vacant buildings. I would love to see the land along the interstate be developed. For the long range future of Milford I would like to see manufacturing companies, our streets upgraded and more residential housing. This would put Milford in a position to grow.”

He went on to say, “Rocket Ranch has had three large events this year, June Bug Festival, Tractor Pull and a BBQ Cook Off. Rocket Ranch is hoping to put in a gas station and a hotel to accommodate people that would like to spend the weekend for these events. And that would really add a lot for Milford. I would love to see a donut and coffee shop and just make things more convenient for the citizens of Milford. I can see where it is already getting new businesses in town. We now have, The Rancher’s Daughter (Western shop), Milford Depot, Helms Grocery/Snow Cone shop and antique shop – Things Beautiful. I can already see where the citizens are developing a greater sense of pride and civic spirit.”

Mayor Perryman has been married to his wife Carlene of ten plus years and together they have their beautiful eight year-old little girl Catherine Parryman (other wise known as Eliza).

For fun Mayor Perryman loves to spend time with his family, study genealogy and is a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. In order to be a member you have to have had a direct ancestor living in Texas before February 1846 when Texas became part of the United States. He has two such relatives. Both of them were his great, great, great grandfathers, John Deaton and Marshall Crawford. They both came to Texas with their families in 1843 and settled near what is now Sulphur Springs in east Texas.

“Milford is a very friendly place, very folksy. People love helping each other here, we have an abundance of volunteerism. I love living in Milford, it just feels like home to me. Growth is on the rise and it is just going to get bigger and better,” explained Perryman.