Italy High School students speak out against bullying


On Saturday, October 5th and 6th, FCCLA members of Italy High School attended the Peer Education Conference in Dallas, Texas at the Sheraton Hotel. They were exposed to a presenter who made a huge impression on them. Tina Meier, the mother of Meagan Meier, gave a moving speech about the suicide of her daughter, brought about by the damaging effects of cyber-bullying.

Students who attended this presentation were moved by the apathy that most have toward the idea of cyber-bullying. As leaders of their school, the FCCLA members hope to raise awareness about the progression of this problem, and increase the sensitivity kids have about their fellow students.

Italy’s FCCLA students plan to simulate the effects of this growing problem with a demonstration during the school day on October 17th, Meagan Meier’s birthday. Within the first five minutes of each class period, a heartbeat will sound over the intercom system followed by the sound of a flat-line, signifying that every 15 minutes, a teenager commits suicide. Each FCCLA member will wear a shirt with a victim’s name on it and stand along the hallway at the end of the day to represent the loss. In addition, IHS students may wear a black and white polka dot ribbon on this day to remember the death of Meagan Meiers.