Team play nets Lady Gladiators a win over Bynum

Image: Italy junior Bailey Eubank(1) helps lead the Lady Gladiators to a decisive 3 set win over Bynum.

Italy junior Bailey Eubank(1) helps lead the Lady Gladiators to a decisive 3 set win over Bynum. (Barry Byers)

Italy – The Lady Gladiators proved that playing team ball on the volleyball court can net a win Tuesday when they hosted the Lady Bulldogs of Bynum. It took all six players on the court giving 100% and working together to bring home the victory and the Lady Gladiators did just that. They toppled Bynum 25-14, 25-16 and 25-9.

A section in the stands was filled with Gladiator football players cheering loudly for the Ladies which always helps to motivate the gals.

Game 1:

Italy took the lead on the first play, but Bynum fought back hard and tied the game twice. Italy’s defense stepped up to keep their team on top. Kills by Madison Washington, Jac Lewis, Paige Westbrook and Kortnei Johnson kept Bynum from building momentum. Strong serves by Bailey Eubank, Lewis and Washington helped build a lead that Bynum could not match. With the score 18-14, Washington stepped up to serve and with the help of her teammates, they scored 7 straight points to end the game 25-14.

Game 2

Bynum came out strong to take a 6 – 1 lead. Italy fought back with Washington serving up 5 straight points for a 1 point lead. The lead changed several times but Italy finally took a 17-16 lead. Momentum shifted to the home team when Jac Lewis began serving. Bynum threated to take the service back when Washington and Halee Turner teamed up at the net and shut them down. Lewis finished the game serving for Italy. Italy scored the last two points on Turner’s kills.

Game 3

Bynum scored the first point then Italy took over and never looked back. Kills by Washington and Johnson helped shut down the Lady Bulldogs offense. Italy was on top 8-4 when Tara Wallis started serving. With the help of her teammates, Italy’s lead was increased to 14-5. Italy dominated the remainder of the game and held Bynum to only 4 more points. When the game ended Italy was on top 25-9.

Go Italy!