Susan Jacinto joins the Milford Elementary team of teachers

Susan Jacinto is now teaching second grade at Milford Elementary. She is very happy to be there and is truly enjoying her students. This is her 22nd year of teaching school and she just loves teaching students new things.

Susan did not always want to be a teacher. She said, “My bachelor’s degree was in business, but my parents and even a grandparent had started out as teachers so I quickly decided I would enjoy teaching. So I went back to school for certification in Elementary Education.”

Susan has taught every grade from Kindergarten up to 8th grade but second grade is her favorite. She said, “I love helping students learn new things and especially love the moment when they truly understand the concept.”

Her goal for her students this year is to be successful, have fun and enjoy learning and to be prepared for the STAAR test in the 3rd grade. “I also want them to learn that they can do anything they set their mind to,”explained Jacinto.

When asked if she had any aspirations of working the administrative side of education Jacinto replied, “I would not want to work in the administrative side of education but I am interested in becoming a Speech Therapist. I have always been interested in helping children and adults with speech difficulties.”

In her spare time you will find Susan enjoying herself by attending all the extracurricular activities that her children are involved in.

When asked how she liked working for Milford ISD, Susan said, " I love working in Milford ISD. Everyone is very friendly and helpful when telling you how things work here. The students, the teachers, the parents and staff are just wonderful. I am glad to be here."