Stephanie Gresham helps students learn with laughter

Image: Stephanie Grisham considers herself a “full blown history geek”.

Stephanie Grisham considers herself a “full blown history geek”. (Karen Mathiowetz)

Stephanie Gresham brings thirteen years of teaching experience to Italy High School this year. She will be teaching social studies to juniors and seniors. Prior to coming to Italy, she taught in Burleson and Red Oak. She has also taught at Navarro College. She is the first full time social studies teacher at Italy High School. In the past all the social studies teachers were also coaches.

“I firmly believe you cannot effectively teach without a sense of humor in the classroom,” Gresham said. “I am pretty laid back in the classroom, but am also pretty real with the students.”

Gresham believes the older students know what is expected of them and she wants them to do what is expected. She also encourages open discussions in the classroom.

“With open discussions, it is not just facts and figures which can get boring,” she explained.

Her favorite period in history is the industrial era. She loves the change over from rural America to industrial America.

Stephanie lives outside of Waxahachie with her husband, Gary, and Taz, Chloe, Mable and Winston (named for Winston Churchill), her great danes.

“I tell people I have 500 pounds of puppies at my house,” she said with a laugh. “I love my dogs, they are like my children.”

Gresham also loves baseball and said she lives and breathes it. She is a die hard Texas Rangers fan.

She also loves kids and her two nephews and one niece are very special.

“They love to come to “camp” at my house,"she said. “We play hard when they come to visit, then I can send them home. It is the best of both worlds.”