Italy’s volleyball and football programs thrive during summer training

Image: Junior Gladiator Cody Boyd stretches for an interception during an Oskie drill during 2-a-day workouts.

Junior Gladiator Cody Boyd stretches for an interception during an Oskie drill during 2-a-day workouts. (Barry Byers)

Fast-pace high energy workouts are the name of the game for the 2013 Lady Gladiator Volleyball Team with head coach, Morgan Mathews, covering a lot of court quickly during summer workouts to establish good habits within her players. Seriously, trying to get a photo of Coach Mathews is nearly impossible because she is just never still.

With help from assistant coach, Tina Richards, and a senior regiment including Kendra Copeland, Ryisha Copeland, Monserrat Figueroa, Bernice Hailey, Taylor Turner and Paige Westbrook, both the Lady Gladiators’ varsity and JV squads are training vigorously and flourishing in a positive environment.

Although the Gladiator football rosters are still yet to be determined, Coach Mathews has decided on her varsity and JV volleyball rosters that she and Coach Richards will start with this season:

2013 Varsity Volleyball:

  • Kendra Copeland (sr)
  • Ryeshia Copeland (sr)
  • Monserrat Figueroa (sr)
  • Bernice Hailey (sr)
  • Taylor Turner (sr)
  • Paige Westbrook (sr)
  • Bailey Eubank (jr)
  • K’Breona Davis (jr)
  • Kortnei Johnson (jr)
  • Jaclynn Lewis (jr)
  • Kelsey Nelson (jr)
  • Madison Washington (jr)
  • Tara Wallis (jr)

2013 JV Volleyball:

  • Britney Chambers (so)
  • Cassidy Childers (so)
  • Amber Hooker (so)
  • Ashlyn Jacinto (so)
  • Jozie Perkins (so)
  • Lillie Perry (so)
  • Janae Robertson (so)
  • Halee Turner (so)
  • Taleyia Wilson (so)
  • Hannah Washington (so)
  • Kristian Weeks (so)
  • Oleshia Anderson (fr)
  • Brooke DeBorde (fr)
  • Lizzie Garcia (fr)
  • Paige Little (fr)
  • April Lusk (fr)
  • Kimberly Mata (fr)

The Gladiator varsity football team is led by 11 seniors with Tyler Anderson, Zain Byers, Shad Newman, Darol Mayberry, Cody Medrano, Kevin Roldan, Bailey Walton, Justin Wood, Trevon Robertson, Ray Salas and Tamarcus Sheppard ready to compete for another district title, and more.

A talented junior supporting cast consisting of Coby Bland, Cody Boyd, John Byers, Samuel Corley, John Escamilla, Kyle Fortenberry and Colin Newman add speed and size while sophomores Ryan Connor, Austin Crawford, Levi McBride and Hunter Merimon, a 2nd Team All-District linebacker last season, and versatile freshman Joe Celis help complete what is shaping up to be a well-rounded squad.

Full padded workouts later today will reveal more, however, this season’s squad has experience, are fast learners and have taken to their assignments quickly. In a short amount of time, head coach, Charles Tindol, has managed to put together a patient and detail oriented coaching staff. “I felt we were fortunate to bring in such qualified coaches after having to build a staff so late in the game,” commented Coach Tindol who was bumped up from offensive coordinator to the role of athletic director back in late June.

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