Teaching our youth to “Do Something”

Image: First Baptist Youth and sponsor, Jenna Chambers, mowed and cleaned Altha McNeely’s yard.

First Baptist Youth and sponsor, Jenna Chambers, mowed and cleaned Altha McNeely’s yard. (Karen Mathiowetz)

The youth of First Baptist Church of Italy were given the opportunity for “hands on” missions last week during their annual camp. For the first time, instead of going to another location out of town, the camp was held at the church here in Italy. This year’s theme was “Do Something.”

“By holding youth camp here this year, we saved over $2,000 just in lodging,” said Michael Chambers, First Baptist Youth Minister. “We wanted them to have fun was well as learn about serving others. They worked hard, learned about spiritual gifts and helped our city and community. I am very proud of them.”

One of the many spiritual gifts they learned about was the gift of service. To put this gift in action, the youth cleaned up the city’s memorial park. Several of the youth had passed the area many times but never noticed the memorial there.

“I am proud of what we did here,” said Kelsey Nelson. “It is hot and dirty work, but I don’t mind. I hope everyone that drives by will be happy with what we have done here. It looks so much better.”

In addition to cleaning up the memorial area, the youth and their adult sponsors also planted flowers in the memorial pots in the downtown area and mowed and weed eated several yards around town. Not all their time was spent working and studying the Bible though. They sang, played games and had a great time in fellowship. Members of the church furnished delicious meals for them.

“I wanted our youth to understand the importance of missions,” Chambers stated. “I know international missions is important, but so is local mission work. I believe that missions should begin at home in our local community. We need to spread the love of Christ to everyone we meet. Our youth need to be taught that helping others is a way to show the love of Christ to others.”

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