Margie Davis retires after 38 years of teaching

Image: Here is Margie holding up a big ‘Thank You’ card from her students!

Here is Margie holding up a big ‘Thank You’ card from her students! (Cindy Sutherland)

Italy High School is going to miss Mrs. Margie Davis. After teaching our junior high and high school students for 18 years, she is going to be sorely missed. “My end of the hallway won’t be half as exciting without me,” Margie laughingly said.

Margie loves teaching, it is in her blood. She loves to push her students to their highest potential and is going to miss them terribly." Everyone of the students has their own unique personality and learning style. Italy’s students are a good, fun group of kids," Davis explained.

So, why did she retire you ask? This is her answer, "I feel like I’ve been in school all my life. I started in 1959, graduated from West ISD in 1971, graduated from college in 1975 from UNT, started teaching in Waco, went back to school at Baylor while I was still teaching, got married, had kids all while I was teaching. Here it is 2013, and I’ve been on a schedule for 54 years!’

She added, “Now the schedule is gone, and there’s so many places to go, things to do with friends and family. I want to enjoy this while I still can. It is kind of like when you’re a little kid and you say, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to do this and this and this. Well, now I’m doing this and this and this’.”

Margie taught at Waco ISD, Avalon ISD, GL Wylie 7th grade Center, and of course Italy ISD. All totaled she has been teaching for 38 years. Over the years she has taught AP Literature, Reading Improvement, Photography, Theater, Language Arts and Journalism.

When asked how the students felt about her retiring Margie said, “I retired the last day of school so some students didn’t know I won’t be at school when it starts back, but those who did find out made me posters, wrote thank you letters, and cards expressing gratitude with lots of hugs. I will still support them in their endeavors, such as band, community service and sports. I might not be in the building but I still care about their future.”

Restoring the Mashek family home in West (heavily damaged by the nearby fertilizer plant explosion) with her two brothers, renovating her home, working in the garden, spending lots of time with her boys and her husband and travel, travel, travel is what Mrs. Davis is going to be doing in her retirement years. Her first trip will be to to the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

Margie has been married to her husband, San Davis, for 29 years and has two sons, Trevor and Derek Davis. Trevor and Derek are both graduates of Italy ISD. Trevor is a professional musician and part time farmer. Derek is a soil scientist tech for Helena Chemical. San Davis farms and has a soil conservation business.

Italy High School principal, Lee Joffre said, “When I first met Mrs. Davis she told me that she didn’t want to retire until the high school was back to it’s glory. That type of enthusiasm showed her dedication. Mrs. Davis has been a part of the improvement process at Italy High School. For example, her field trips to The Holocaust Museum have added a wonderful experience for the junior high school students. We plan to continue that educational experience. I am sure that she has left the students with many lasting memories. We are grateful for the efforts of Mrs. Davis.”

Mrs. Davis wanted to leave the students with this message, “No one can take an education away from you!”

Mrs. Margie Davis you will be missed!