IJHS holds a Science Fair

Image: Mrs. Thompson gives Vanessa the first place ribbon for the Science Fair.

Mrs. Thompson gives Vanessa the first place ribbon for the Science Fair. (Anne Sutherland)

The Italy Junior High was able to include a Science Fair for an activity this year. The Science Fair was held in the dome and was hosted by Lindsey Thompson, Junior High Science teacher, and Catherine Hewett, 8th grade Science teacher, Biology and IPC (integrated physics and chemistry). With these two teachers, plans are to get the students excited about science and have fun learning.

The Science Fair was held May 22 in the dome and it seemed all the science students participated. The judges included Casey Holden, Paul Cockerham and Charla Sparks. Each student decided upon the topic they would experiment. They used scientific methods that included testing, hypothesis, variables and conclusions. The experiments seemed very interesting, however. the judges decided upon the top three ideas.

Vanessa Cantu 1st Place EXACT RIGHT TRACT
Michael Hughes 2nd Place DEEP TASTING
Jacob Brooks 3rd Place ROSES ARE RED, BLUE AND GREEN

All students received a participation ribbon. Among the students, the teachers picked a few that were a little outstanding:

Most Interesting-Aaron Lattimer
Most Shocking Results-Hunter Ballard
Most EWW Factor-Jarvis Harris
Happy Homemaker Award-Aaron Pittmon
Most Creative-Blake Brewer
Most Informative-Kim Maata

Mr. Joffre said, “All I can say is WOW! I am extremely excited about this fair. It’s obvious these ladies (Thompson & Hewitt) are building a foundation in science that leads to high school.”

Mrs. Sparks, elementary Science teacher, said, “I was invited to judge and loved seeing the creative minds of our students. Some are still blossoming but they did well. I would love to judge again next year.”

Mrs. Thompson said, “We are already planning next year. There is a possibility to hold a High School Science Fair early enough in the year so the high school winners could be the judges for Junior High Science Fair at the end of the year.” The teachers are anticipating high participation from next year’s group.