Gladiator Regiment Band hosts Spring Concert

Image: Look at that table of trophies!  Earned this school year, the Italy Gladiator Regiment Band took sweepstakes in every competition.

Look at that table of trophies! Earned this school year, the Italy Gladiator Regiment Band took sweepstakes in every competition. (Anne Sutherland)

The Beat of Champions is an appropriate statement for our local high school band. On Monday night, 6th grade, 7th & 8th grades and IHS bands made an appearance in the George Scott gymnasium for the annual spring concert. Each group performed and received awards from Director, Jesus Perez, and Assistant Director, Erica Miller, for outstanding work all school year.

The 6th grade band received a sweepstakes award two weeks ago. They received all “1’s.” The comments for this young group included the words “phenomenal” and “great performance.” The Italy Junior High Band earned top scores at the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Competition for Middle School. The Italy Gladiator Regiment Band captured top scores in the recent UIL Concert & Sight Reading competition held in Groesbeck. The band performed in the concert portion of the competition followed by the sight reading competition. Each competition had three judges and all six judges gave the band ones, the top score.

Besides playing beautiful music, each band received awards from their directors.

Sixth grade awards include:

Growing Musician Award
Woodwind- Patrick Hadley
Brass- Joseph Vuittonet
Woodwind Caption-Isaac Garcia
Brass Caption-Adam Powell

Director’s Award
Woodwind-Juliette Salazar
Brass-Matthew Cryer

The 6th grade band played two pieces of music, Power Rock and Sakura, which are a high level music and can be played in Junior High for competition. Mr. Perez believes this 37 member band to be prepared for next year and he is very proud of this outstanding group.

The 7th & 8th grade performed next. Ms. Erica Miller directed the combined band in four pieces of music, some of which was a harder level. She said, “Since August they have worked very hard with no complaints. You cannot ask for a better group of students.” Describing UIL competition, this group had site reading which had to be learned in 7 minutes with not much help from the director. “It was a nerve racking process and is extremely hard. They received all ’1’s’.” This band captured sweepstakes—all six judges agreed on their successful triumph.

7th grade awards include:

Growing Musician Award-Anthony Lusk
Woodwind caption-Ty Hamilton
Brass Caption-Hunter Morgan
Percussion Caption-Stockard Smithwick
Directors Award-Cha-Cha Richards

8th grade awards include:

Growing Musician Award-Adrian Acevedo
Woodwind Caption-Sarah Levy
Brass Caption-Joseph Celis
Percussion Caption-Jarvis Harris
Directors Award-Vanessa Cantu

The Italy High School Gladiator Regiment Band performed four pieces of music. Mr. Perez recognized All Region, Area and Centex award winners. There are many trophies won this year. The band received straight “1’s” from all six judges for stage performance and site reading. After recognizing the seniors, Mr. Perez explained the Band Boosters provided $8500.00 in scholarship money to the recipients, “The students invested their (students) time and talents in our program and we wanted to invest in their future.”

Mr. Perez explained there are many ideas for next year’s band in the planning stage, however, perhaps a trip to New York at the end of the school year could be involved. Mr. Perez wants to provide a place for the band to perform, such as Lincoln Center. Before the Directors Awards, the leadership students presented Mr. Perez a gift for his help and talents.

High School Band Awards

Growing Musician Award-Samantha Owen
Woodwind Caption-Trevor Davis
Brass Caption-Ryan Connor
Percussion Caption-Whitney Wolaver
Director’s Award-Emily Stiles and Alexis Sampley

Mr. Perez invited a few alumni to help the band with one performance piece. Trevor Davis, Melissa Smithey, Jasmine Wallace and an Axtel student, Alexa Turner, proudly took their places among the band and picked up their instruments.

The Italy High School Gladiator Regiment Band has performed superbly all year and the looks of things to come says it will stay successful under present leadership.