Fire departments band together

Image: This group was a small part of the long procession on I-35S.

This group was a small part of the long procession on I-35S. (Anne Sutherland)

Telico, Bardwell, Milford and Italy Volunteer Fire Departments traveled down the road early Thursday morning. They were headed to the Memorial Service held at the Ferrell Center at Baylor University in the afternoon. The procession entered I-35 and joined other Fire Departments and the Patriot Guard already en route.

Chief Don Chambers, Josh Droll, Daniel Ballard, Randy Boyd, Chaplain Ronnie Dabney and Richard Dabney, some of the volunteers from Italy, met with three other Volunteer Fire Departments in Milford on Thursday morning and traveled to Waco to gather in remembrance of the first responders and two civilians who tried to fight the fire at the fertilizer plant in West. Many other Fire Departments from all over Texas headed for I-35 S. and as they came together, the groups became one long train driving to West.

After parading through Waco, they marched in under an archway formed by the ladders from 2 fire trucks with an American flag hung between. Emotions ran high as bagpipes played Amazing Grace and each fallen brother was remembered as they were-unsung heroes.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of West.