Randy and Lynn Rudd share the honor of Citizen of the Month

Image: Randy & Lynn Rudd share the honor for Citizen of the Month.

Randy & Lynn Rudd share the honor for Citizen of the Month. (Cindy Sutherland)

These two folks are very humble in receiving the Citizen of the Month recognition. In fact, they thought someone put the sign at the wrong house. They even went so far as to call Mayor Jackson to make sure the sign was in the right yard!

Needless to say the long time residents of Italy were very surprised! Randy said, “I was surprised, I really thought they got the wrong yard. I am very honored that they thought of us. We both love Italy.”

Randy has lived in Italy since he was in the 3rd grade. He graduated from Italy High School and even worked for the City of Italy in the water department as the supervisor. He then took a job with LTV in Dallas and has been there for 28 years. He and Lynn have been members of Italy Methodist Church for many years.

Lynn Rudd has lived in Italy for 25 years and can’t imagine living any where else. She served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce years ago, worked for Monolithic Constructors for over five years and now is working for Stafford Elementary as one of the CBI aides and has been doing so for five years. “I am very honored that Randy and I were selected, it makes me feel very special.”

This month Randy and Lynn will have been married 29 years. Randy laughingly said “He wanted to thank the City of Italy for saving him the cost of an anniversary gift! Lynn was just given her gift – Citizen of the Month!”

Congratulations Randy and Lynn!