Italy EDC moves forward with walking trail project

There were no members of the public present Monday evening to voice their opposition for or against a walking trail at Upchurch Field at an Italy Economic Development Corporation public hearing.

Charles Hyles, member, had originally approached the IEDC about a walking track and playground at Upchurch Field located at 200 W. Dilworth. At the next meeting, the group voted to go forward with the walking track project and put the playground project on hold.

Hyles had originally estimated the project would cost about $44,335 for a seven-foot wide concrete track that is just under half-a-mile.

Since then, Gerdau Steel in Midlothian has agreed to donate the steel for the trail at a savings between $8,000 and $9,000. Hyles has also acquired a decrease in concrete prices. The original estimate called for 200 yards of concrete at $80 per yard. He said the vendor has agreed to sell the concrete for $75 per yard and will donate 30 yards thus saving about $3,250. That drops the price of the original estimate between $11,000 and $12,000.

The group voted, at their last meeting, to move forward with this walking trail project with costs not to exceed $44,335.

Since there was no opposition Monday, the group approved Resolution 13-04-22 which authorizes the president to enter appropriate contracts for the project. Final approval must come from the city council in May.