Italy’s own perform in Guys and Dolls

Image: Tia Russell and Gary Clark will perform in the musical Guys & Dolls.

Tia Russell and Gary Clark will perform in the musical Guys & Dolls. (Cindy Sutherland)

Guys and Dolls is a musical that premiered on Broadway in 1950. It takes place in the rough and tumble city that never sleeps which of course is New York City.

The plot involves a certain citizen by the name of Nathan Detroit who maintains the “Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York.” Looking for a place for his latest high-stakes game, Nathan has an opportunity to rent out the Biltmore Garage, but he needs $1,000 to do so. He decides to entice high-rolling Sky Masterson to the big game and win the money from him because he is known for his willingness to bet on anything.

Tia Russell (Italy High School sophomore) and Gary Clark resident of our little community of Italy are both performing in this theatrical performance at the Chautauqua Auditorium-Getzendaner Park in Waxahachie.

Gary Clark has performed in many plays for the Waxahachie Community Theatre such as; South Pacific, Bye,Bye, Birdie, Harvey and Annie just to name a few. In Guys and Dolls he plays a character in the Salvation Band.

Tia Russell is a sophomore at Italy High School and has attended there for two years. She was born in England and her family wanted a better life for them and moved to the United States. England’s loss, our gain!

Last year Tia had the lead role as Kate in ‘Kamikaze Kate’ and won best actress in the UIL competition. It was then that she realized her love for theater. This year she also is performed in ‘All in Disguise’ for the UIL competition as Florinda.

When asked how she decided to try out for Guys and Dolls Tia said, “I hope to make my career in the theater on Broadway or in comedy movies. If that doesn’t work out I would like to teach theater. Last summer I went to Texas State University and participated in their summer theater camp. They had taught us that the more experience you get the better you will get with your acting. So, that is when I started looking for plays to try out for. And I tried out for Guys and Dolls and got a part as Agatha in the Salvation Band.”

If you want to find out If Nathan wins his money from Sky Masterson come on out to the Chautaugua Auditorium in Waxahachie and be prepared to be fascinated and entertained.

The performance is Friday and Saturday, May 3-4 at 7:30 PM and Sunday, May 5th at 2:30 PM.

Tickets are $12.00 for Seniors/Students and $15.00 for adults.

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • Ellis County Museum, 201 S. College Street, Waxahachie
  • Chamber of Commerce, 102 YMCA Dr, Waxahachie
  • Dr. Jerry Ellis, DDS, 404 W. Main Street, Midlothian
  • Monolithic Constructors 177 Dome Park Place, Italy from Gary Clark

Or you can order tickets online at