Twice the Eggs, Twice the Fun

Image: Over 32 years of Easter Egg hunts for the citizens of Italy and their children.  Guess where they hide the eggs.

Over 32 years of Easter Egg hunts for the citizens of Italy and their children. Guess where they hide the eggs. (Anne Sutherland)

As in previous Easter egg hunts, fun was abounding on Saturday morning. Children from Italy and beyond grabbed their baskets or buckets and enjoyed hunting eggs at two different places. Thrilled with the thoughts of eggs filled with surprises, the kids checked high and low to fill up their basket. The first egg hunt was at the Dunlap Library and afterwards, the children moved to the Upchurch Ball Fields for the Mayor’s fulfilled gathering.

Dunlap library on any other day would be quiet and ready for studying or reading. Not on Saturday at 9am. The rain came the night before and the grass proved to be a bit wet, therefore, the party was held inside the library. Surprises were hidden among all genres of books on every bookcase and reading areas-down low and up high. The younger group was placed in the children’s library area. Parents helped their youngsters find the hidden treasures. The older children gathered eggs in the main portion of the library searched for mysterious eggs filled with delightful candy. Afterwards, the group was offered punch and cookies.

Kathy French, delighted with her guests, said, “This is my favorite event every year. I love to have the children come Easter egg hunt at the library.” The egg hunt has been occurring for 32 plus years according to Ms. French. Previous librarians, Mrs. Marchman and Mrs. Ward committed the library to the same offerings. Ms. French has carried on the tradition. There are a few citizens of Italy that donate their time every year to help with the annual event. Special thanks go to Linda Goodman, Tammi Cooper and Albert Garcia, Jr. and his children.

At 10am, the Upchurch ball fields in Italy were literally covered in pastel and brightly colored eggs. There was not a place you could walk and not step on an egg. Mayor Frankie Jackson was on hand to help host the event. He handed out cookies and punch from the concession stand. Also, attending the event was the Easter Bunny. Children were divided into four different age groups and invited to the appropriate ball field or area to pick their favorite colored eggs. With the help of donations from citizens of Italy, the children were able to hunt for prize and money eggs.

The Mayor said, “We have been sponsoring this egg hunt for 14 years. I am very thankful for all the individuals who donated time, prizes, candy and plastic eggs.” The list of donators is located at the City Hall for all to view.