Just take me to church

Image: The pulpit is ready for ministry at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church.

The pulpit is ready for ministry at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church. (Anne Sutherland)

On Saturday, March 2, Mt. Gilead Baptist Church hosted its Entrance Ceremony. The church has opened its new doors and sanctuary and is ready for the business at hand. In the Bible, Mt. Gilead was the region east of the Jordan River and took a prominent place in the history of the Bible. (Gen. 31:25) It was considered a rugged mountain.

On May 21, 2011 the church hosted the groundbreaking for the wonderful church that is here today. On July 21, 2011 The Baptist Church Builders of Texas chose the Italy church to donate their time and services. They came to the corner of Harris and Clark Streets built as much as they could in five days. Since then, the congregation under the guiding hand of Pastor Preston Dixon worked hard towards the Entrance Ceremony. The pulpit and sanctuary were literally built on the word of God by placing a bible in the foundation.

The Mistress of Ceremony, Sister Elmerine Bell, welcomed the standing room only crowd. “We have thanksgiving in our hearts and just take me to church are the words in our mouth. The walk into this place started a century ago and has continued with the unconditional grace of God. We celebrate today in spite of all the wait, setbacks and disappointments. This is just the beginning. We are here on a divine assignment, we came to do the kingdom’s business,” Ms. Bell announced.

Dennis Perkins, Jr. talked about the vision statement for Mt. Gilead, “Every member who walks in the door is a miracle.”

Ministry in song was delivered by Lady Kirisma Evans, a published contemporary and traditional gospel singer from the Dallas area. She was accompanied by Mt. Gilead Souls of Worship Choir. Also, in worship were the Mt Gilead Spiritual Arts Ministry Dance Troupe and Anointed Temple Mimes.

The special speaker for the day was Dr. Denny Davis from St. John Church Unleashed of Grand Prairie/Southlake. The Hallelujah Choir from St. John’s Church sang about God’s grace. Dr. Davis said, “God provided this land and the labor of men.” According to his speech, Dr. Davis explained the new Mt. Giliead Church was built in reverse. Usually, a group would get a loan then proceed buying the land and building the church. Mt. Gilead received the property and then got the loan-building in a recession with the economy collapsing and the dollar unstable. “Upon this rock I will build my church,” said Dr. Davis.

Pastor Dixon gave thanks to all and explained, “Let’s go to church because God has been good to us. I cannot wait until Sunday mornings.”