February birthdays celebrated at Trinity Mission

Image: Clara Owen was happy to celebrate her birthday this month.

Clara Owen was happy to celebrate her birthday this month. (Cindy Sutherland)

February is the month of the year known for Valentines Day. Everyone loves Valentines Day especially residents at Trinity Mission. You know, cookies, Valentine Queen and King nominations and crowning of the winners! But Valentines Day is not the only special event in February at Trinity Mission.

Residents also celebrate February birthdays with lots of cake, ice cream and punch. So many smiles could be seen this month because there was a lot of cake and seconds for everyone!

This month it was an all girls birthday month. Rosemary Page, Wilma Hanks, Geneva Esselman, Clara Owens and Sybil Gillespie were the birthday girls this month.

Celeste Carroll (activities director) was doing a good job scooping up ice cream and slicing up birthday cake with lots of help from the residents that volunteered their services. Filling cups with punch, putting them on a tray and putting the tray on the seat of their walker and serving up the rest of the residents could be seen and really appreciated by Celeste.

Celeste said, “Happy Birthday to our residents celebrating their birthday for the month of February. Let Spring begin!”

Another great birthday celebration at Trinity Mission.