What’s new at Milford ISD

Image: Marilee Byrne (principal) is happy with the new things happening at Milford ISD.

Marilee Byrne (principal) is happy with the new things happening at Milford ISD. (Cindy Sutherland)

Lots of good things are happening at Milford ISD. They have hired some new teachers, they are starting a baseball program and are instituting new security precautions.

Milford ISD has hired three new teachers, they are Mark Lucus, Joe Stephens and Regina Brimmer. Mark Lucus is heading up the band and teaching elementary music, Joe Stephens is teaching seventh, eighth, and ninth grade English/Language Arts, is over the Year Book and is also the baseball coach. Regina Brimmer is teaching History and is also the volleyball coach.

This year they are starting a baseball program and in preparation for this they have put in batting cages, updated the dug out, laid new sod and improved the baseball fields. Everyone is very excited and can’t wait for the first game.

One of the priorities this year has been to beef up security at the school. They are in the process of building an eight foot security fence that will enclose a large portion of the school grounds, They have upgraded security cameras and are going to add security doors at the front door of the school.

They are also putting a lot of emphasis on teaching students how to treat each other with respect. You will see posters throughout the school reminding students how to treat one another. They are working on character pillars, one each six weeks. They are: fairness, citizenship, respect, responsibility, caring and being trustworthy.

Marilee Byrne (principal) said, “We are very excited about the new things happening at our school. The baseball program and our new teachers help us to achieve our mission. Our mission is to try to give our students the best academic education we can and to provide extra activities to give our students a well rounded education.”