You’ve been Flocked! The IHS class of 2014 uses plastic flamingos for fundraiser

Image: Who will be flocked next?!

Who will be flocked next?! (Barry Byers)

The Italy High School class of 2014 has started their “Flamingo Flock” fundraiser. In fact, the flamingos first “landed,” in Principal Lee Joffre’s yard on Ward Street this past Wednesday.

Principal Joffre paid the favor forward and the 11 bright pink flamingos flocked this morning to the front yard of Brother Joseph Barrett, Pastor with the Central Baptist Church of Italy.

Not quite the flock Brother Barrett is accustomed to but happily acknowledged he had been flocked by the Class of 2014 on his Facebook page. And who knows, your yard may be next…!

Who will be Flocked next?!