New Name New Owner

Image: Jean Sanders is the proud owner of Noma Industries, Inc.

Jean Sanders is the proud owner of Noma Industries, Inc. (Cindy Sutherland)

Texel sewing factory has been operating in Italy for over fifty-four years. In the past it has been known as Joseph Manufacturing and Green Brothers and is now going by the name of Noma Industries, Inc.

On January 14th Jean Sanders signed the final papers and now is the proud new owner of Texel now known as Noma Industries, Inc. Jean explained, “Noma is an indian name that my grandmother used to call me and so when thinking of a name for the company I decided to use that name.”

Jean Sanders started working at the sewing factory when it was Joseph Manufacturing. She went to work as a secretary for Louis Joseph (owner) and learned every aspect of the business. she learned to sew on every machine, she was a mechanic for the machines for nine years, learned the accounts, worked in shipping and helped run it. She has been here for fifty-four years.

So, when Betty Deeg (previous owner) told Jean she was going to have to close the doors because she just couldn’t do it anymore Jean decided to purchase the company.

Noma Industries, Inc. makes disposable protective clothing such as hoods, coveralls, booties, anything to do with protective clothing. They also make a piece of clothing that is made out of a coated Tyvek material and is used for cleaning out nuclear power plants.

“Our goal for this company is to increase business so we can employ more people in the United States. We will keep jobs here in America,” explained Sanders when asked what the goal was for the company.

She went on to say, “Some of my employees have been with me for over fourteen years. We are like a big family taking care of each other and I want to keep these jobs for my employees and hope to add many more employees as the business grows.”

When asked what she thought about Italy, Sanders replied, “I love italy. It is my second home, I spend more time here than I do at my home in Frost.”