National Night Out in Milford

Image: Milford Police officer talking about safety tips with the children.

Milford Police officer talking about safety tips with the children. (Cindy Sutherland)

Downtown Milford was filled with action on Tuesday night about 6:00 pm. There was music, food galore, snow cones, cupcakes, a bounce house, a dunking booth, sand art and more. Nearly 300 Milford folks came out to have a good time at Milford’s National Night Out.

Milford Police officers were busy teaching safety tips to the many children that came to their booth. Not only were there police officers but there were also fire trucks, and police cars on display. There was also a Homeland Security vehicle (commonly known as ‘The Rabbit’) on display equipped with satellite and internet.

The live music was just fantastic, you could not stand still. You just had to move to the lively beat. I am talking about Corrie Dawkins (14 years old) who sang ‘Over You’ and Milford Creek – made up of Freda Arnold, Ron Arnold and Joy Rose. Milford Creek sang ‘Radio,’ ‘Called Out’, ‘This World is not my Home’ and many more. And we can’t forget the folks with Mt. Moriah singing beautiful songs of love and faith. This was definitely hometown talent at it’s finest.

Titus Women had a booth and were selling raffle tickets for their baskets of goodies to support all the wonderful projects they do for the Milford community.

To the Milford children’s delight, Milford Police Chief Carlos Phoenix was up to his old tricks again. Even on a chilly night we just can’t seem to keep him out of the “Dunk Tank.” He must really like being in the water and the kids have lots of fun putting him there. Chief Phoenix said, “It is all for the kids. They just love dunking me so it is so worth it.”

Chief Phoenix went on to say, “National Night Out is a time for the Milford community to come together and let the criminals know we are fighting back. It is a time to let the children know that we as police officers uphold the law but we are also their friends.”

Everyone knows that Milford’s hometown motto is “Milford – a Town of About 700 Friendly People and 3 or 4 Old Grouches.” So, knowing that, of course they would have a vote on who is the grouchiest old grouch. And, the winner of the ‘Grouch of the Year’ award was Mark Jackson.

On a ‘friendlier’ note they also had a Citizen of the Year award and Willa Wheatley was the grand winner.

Another great National Night Out in Milford Texas.