Greg Anderson – Italy’s Citizen of the Month

Image: Greg Anderson is honored to be the Citizen of the Month.

Greg Anderson is honored to be the Citizen of the Month. (Cindy Sutherland)

Greg Anderson was born and raised in Italy, Texas and has lived here for forty-four years. He was very shocked when his daughter Brianna called him in Dallas and told him he was Citizen of the Month.

I asked Greg why he thought he was chosen for Citizen of the Month and he said, “There was a town meeting at Mt Gilead Baptist Church about the Fourth of July Activities. The Chief of Police (Diron Hill) and several officers were at this meeting along with several citizens of Italy. They were talking about closing down the streets over by the Stafford Elementary School all day. I had an alternative plan of just closing down the streets after 8:00 PM. So Stafford Elementary parking lot was blocked off instead of the streets being blocked off.”

He went on to say, “Mayor Jackson told me that many citizens came to him and applauded my efforts of coming up with a solution instead of just complaining. And the next thing I know I get the ‘Citizen of the Month’ award.”

Anderson is a member of the Union Missionary Baptist Church and has worked at Georgia Pacific in Waxahachie for eighteen years. He has two children, Brianna Anderson and Greg Jr.

When asked what he thought about Italy Greg said, “I love the small town atmosphere, I like the fact that I am not far from where I work and I wanted a small school for my children to be a part of growing up. At one time there were eighty-nine Andersons that lived here in Italy. We love Italy.”

Anderson said, “I would like to thank police Chief Hill and his staff for really stepping in and being there for us on the 4th of July and making it a success.”

Congratulations Greg Anderson – Citizen of the Month!